At SanMar, I was part of a small 7 person team that produced an almost 1000-page catalog each year. This catalog is a comprehensive Buyer's Guide (aka the Big Book) that contains every single product that SanMar carries.

It collectively takes about 6 months to complete including traveling to an out-of-state printing press to do press checks for the entire book.

I was responsible for all the imagery, where I handled all the editing and retouching, and most importantly, made sure that each product was accurately color corrected to show every color in each style that we carried. I was also responsible for proofing the layouts for any design and image errors or edits that needed to be made prior to sending the files off to the printer.

At the same time, the team will also produce several smaller catalogs, various advertisements, trade show displays and flyers, and other marketing collateral.‚Äč
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