The Movement Awakening Deck is a minimalist card deck with prompts to enhance and awaken creativity in your movement, meditative, or creative practice.

Whenever you find yourself stuck in your movement, meditative, or creative practice, shuffle the deck and pull a card. However you interpret its meaning, apply the prompt to your movement and see what changes are awakened in you. Or, explore the deck until you find a prompt that resonates with you in the moment.

You can take this card deck with you wherever you need inspiration or motivation. Take it to the studio, keep it at home, or use it on-the-go when you need a spark of enlightenment throughout your day. This is your deck for inspiration. Use it as you like.

The deck contains 52 cards with movement prompts on the front face and a common back design.

Illustrated and designed by me. Digital renderings are also created by me.
The Movement Awakening Deck is currently up on Etsy for purchase.
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